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NHSteps Menopause - 60 Capsules


Product CodeNHS7T7KX31


60 Capsule Supplements Facts:

Each Capsule Provides:
Phytoestrogens                         225mg *
Calories                                       2.5
Fat                                                0g

Ingredients: Mung Bean, Seasoning, Crospovidone.
Capsules: Iron Oxide, Hydroxypropylmethyl Cellulose.

This product is guaranteed not to contain any Soy Proteins, Black Cohosh, Red Clover, Dong Quai, Wild Yam, Ginseng, Mushroom Extracts, Marine Extracts or Bee Products.

Additionally, it is free from artificial flavourings and preservatives and it is not tested on animals.

Contra-indications: NHSteps Menopause should not be included in your diet if you are pregnant, taking contraceptives or HRT, undergoing fertility treatments or with low blood pressure, oestrogen or over-active thyroid related disorders or using blood thinners / anticoagulants. Women on medication / with any existing medical condition - please contact Customer Support to discuss whether to seek the advice of a Health Care Professional prior to use. (full information packs are available for GPs/Specialists).

Side effects: As a food, there are no known side-effects associated with its intake, other than from people who have an individual allergy to any of the ingredients.

Note: A very small number of women may experience some bloating/flatulence when first taking this product. This is caused by intestinal bacteria reacting to the presence of certain types of carbohydrates, (oligosaccharides) such as those commonly found in beans. This reaction has only been noted in a few Western women who do not normally consume these particular carbohydrates in their diet. Of these women, most find that their body is able to adapt to the presence of these carbohydrates by introducing the product gradually to their diet – please call our Customer Support line for guidance.

Consume according to need, as shown below. Please stay on the recommended Start up intake until you feel benefits have fully kicked in. At this point, reduce to the Maintenance; if you have been on 3 capsules daily, please reduce down slowly  by dropping to 2 capsules for 4 or 5 days, then drop down to 1 to see if that is enough to maintain benefits. You may find that you need to add a second capsule from time to time for a few days.

We are available to discuss individual needs on a one-to-one basis; please contact us via email at to request a call back, providing us with a telephone number and preferred time for the call.

PERI MENOPAUSE (Periods no more than 3 months apart)



1 capsule/day

1 capsule every 2 or 3 days

PERI MENOPAUSE (Periods 3-5 months apart)



2 capsules/day *

1 capsule every other day**

*We suggest taking 1 capsule in the morning and the second in the evening

** Depending upon your lifestyle, you may find that you need to take more capsules during weekdays when things are hectic.

PERI MENOPAUSE (Periods 6 months or more apart) / POST MENOPAUSE / HYSTERECTOMY



3 capsules/day*

1 capsule daily**

*You can space the capsules out over the day, but a lot of women tend to take 2 together in the morning and then follow up with the third in the evening.

**You can always increase if needed and have a day off here and there. Don’t worry if you’ve gone away and forgotten to pack your capsules – you can always top up when you get back.

If you have just had surgery, please wait until you have had your 6 week check up with your consultant before starting with our capsules. Medical packs are available for your medical professional and can be requested via email at :

If you are coming off HRT, we normally recommend waiting for a couple of weeks before starting our capsules, this to reduce any chance of interaction which may cause nausea and/or headaches.

Your GP may suggest starting with a low intake of the capsules once you have reached a certain point in coming off HRT.

Please adjust your intake of NHSteps menopause according to your diet and wellbeing. Caffeine (also found in teas and certain energy drinks), alcohol and some over the counter medications can reduce the effectiveness, so please avoid taking our capsules for an hour before / after any of these. Remember that you don’t have to give up cups of tea or coffee, just work around them

Vegetarian customers will tend to need about 30% less than average due to the other phytoestrogens that they routinely consume in their diet.
Once you have been taking NHSteps menopause for a few weeks and the benefits have kicked in, you should be able to reduce the start-up intake (please see next question). As a result, most post menopause women find that the 60 capsule bottle will last anywhere from one and a half to two months (£ Sterling: 48p to 64p/day. Costs for peri-menopause women will more than likely be less as their intake will be lower (Average daily cost: £ Sterling: 24p – 48p).

Please also refer to our FAQs for further information.

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NHSteps Menopause

I\'ve tried all sorts of things and yours is the only one that works! (3 Sep 2012, 13:09)
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