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            Dr Chris Steele & Yvette Discuss Menopause on ITV *



Specialist Food Supplements for Healthy Ageing: Menopause, Immun'Age, PollenAid
All backed by Independent Clinical Studies

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In 2003, a seed of an idea was spawned: to help as many other people as possible. The idea became a company and NovaNutri Ltd was born. As founder of NovaNutri , Yvette Hastings has seen the company evolve throughout the years; whilst the initial interest was in helping those going through the menopause, this has evolved into a much broader spectrum and now offers a range of health options and benefits, to both men and women.

Working with partners in the UK and abroad, we at NovaNutri have added products which have been tested, both in-house and by a select number of volunteers; many of whom have been long term customers. Hence we are confident that our specialist products will benefit many people, as supported by our independent studies to demonstrate safety and efficacy.

NovaNutri is extremely fortunate to have had the best of medical support and encouragement, both from local GPs to a world renowned Gynaecologist. More recently, we have been delighted to be supported by consultants in the North West of England who have generously given their time to speak on pertinent health issues and how we can look to optimise our quality of lives by looking after our body. Pharmaceutical support has been provided by professors and pharmacists, both in the UK and abroad, who specialise in investigating the science behind traditional remedies and diets. We look forward to our continued association with these medical professionals, to whom we are deeply indebted.

Throughout the years, the business has always provided free customer support: we encourage both new and old customers to call us to discuss their personal needs. Please be assured that all conversations are held in strictest confidence and we will never share any of your personal details with third parties. For women going through the menopause, many find it helps to speak to someone who knows exactly what you are going through. Given Yvette's experience with endometriosis from the age of 16 which eventually culminated in premature menopause, many women facing a hysterectomy or who have experienced endometriosis and / or painful periods find chatting to her particularly helpful.

As with all supplements, we would always recommend that you discuss taking these with your GP or Pharmacist (we are happy to provide information for medical professionals on our specialist range of products). This is particularly important for anyone who is on medication or has any medical conditions. For example something as simple as cranberry or grapefruit juice can affect Warfarin which is prescribed for DVT. In addition, alcohol and caffeine can reduce the absorption of the active ingredients within medications and supplements and hence affect their efficacy.

Please read the usage directions on all purchases, paying particular attention to any allergy indicators that may apply to you.

All products carried by Novanutri maintain our policy of minimising our carbon footprint, and every effort is made to continue the on-going support of UK businesses.

We hope we have been of help today. Should you wish to discuss your concerns or requirements, we will be happy to help. Please contact us on 01948 831057 or via email at: 

Menopause Awareness Campaign

International World Menopause Day: 40 Shades of Menopause

Preface by Dr Chris Steele, MBE

Providing details of the main symptoms women may experience when going through the menopause.

Yvette is an experienced presenter at women's menopause support groups nationally, within both public and private sectors.

She is also a guest speaker for TV and Radio channels.

* Reproduced by Kind Permission of ITV Granada



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