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We are a specialist nutraceutical company and only work with products that have:

1.       Independent verification of their claims. This will mean either as a result of clinical studies (ideally double blind, placebo controlled and multicentred which mean that trials took place at more than 1 centre and neither the patients nor the doctors knew which patient was taking the read product and which was on the “sugar pill”).

Sadly, all too many companies pull a study off the shelf and say “X” was found to be safe in this trial, therefore it’s safe to use our product. Some companies take original trial information and change the ingredients by substituting alternatives (often cheaper) or adding new ingredients, yet still refer to the original studies as proof of safety. In both cases, this is misleading and more than likely false.

2.       Been tested in house: this means that at least one of us will have taken them and can answer questions about usage and offer tips and advice. For women going through the menopause, this is particularly important as you can speak directly to someone who understands what you are going through.

Background Scientific & Biomedical InformationIntended for Health Practitioners as definedin the Medicines ACT 1968.

Please contact us for a Medical Pack, indicating whether you need information for Menopause, Prostate & Bladder or Immun'Age and providing the name and address of your GP/Consultant.


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