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Bad Sleep?

At a Menopause Society conference many years ago, I heard a talk given by a nurse who recommended that women with PMS should add magnesium to their diet in the form of supplements. She also mentioned that the supplement was useful for women going through menopause who were having problems with sleep.

There is nothing worse than waking up in the night and not being able to get back to sleep. You lie there tossing and turning, probably stressing yourself into a few night sweats in the process.  Of course, it’s at this point when your mind seems to switch into major alert mode and all those things you’ve got to do start forming into wonderful lists in your head.

I used to call it the Witching Hour; it would start around 01:50 and could last up to three hours at its worst. Falling asleep when you know the alarm clock is going to go off in around 2 hours is really the worst, especially when it happens night after night.  You can’t function as a human being, let alone an employee, mother or cook.

However, as it was recommended, both myself and fellow attendee dutifully purchased some magnesium supplements and gave it a whirl.  Although my beans had pretty much given me a decent night’s sleep most of the time, there was still the odd night when I’d still wake up and toss and turn.

I was quite surprised, and quite delighted that the additional magnesium seemed to do the trick and more importantly continues to do so. I’ve adapted it to suit my lifestyle and recommend it to anyone who may be having similar issues.

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