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My attention has been drawn to statements about HRT made recently on one of the main TV channels during a conversation about menopause. I have now done some research myself on these claims which are listed below together with my … Continue reading

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It was interesting to hear Rutger Bregman this morning speaking about his new book “Humankind, A Hopeful History”. He believes that when the going gets tough, human nature tends to bring out the best in people. I am sure that … Continue reading

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Until a safe and effective CoViD19 vaccine has been developed, identifying antiviral medications that help patients would be a great tool for medical teams. We have become familiar with names such as Remdesivir and Hydroxychloroquine from mentions in the news. … Continue reading

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____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Today I spotted a post on a friend’s social media page which really struck a chord and made me realise that our prison officers are part of an almost invisible profession: our “hidden heroes”. Day by day, these … Continue reading

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Presenting an award has always been an honour; a day filled with excitement, anticipation and it’s truly inspiring to meet so many people who are doing incredible things and hear their individual stories.  Held in the Midland Hotel in Manchester, … Continue reading

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DeCaf Coffee Would you be surprised to discover that decaf coffee is in fact not 100% caffeine free?  I know I was when I first found out a few years back at a conference. Unfortunately, if you were under the … Continue reading

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Menopause Symptoms

Mood Swings Whilst hot flushes and sweats are the 2 things that get mentioned the most when the subject of menopause symptoms comes up, mood swings can be equally devastating, because they are not only detrimental to those who suffer, … Continue reading

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Natural Remedies for Menopause

Are These Natural Products Good For You? That product may be labelled or described as natural, but is it really safe? There are many hundreds of products on the market for women who cannot or chose not to take hormonal … Continue reading

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Giving Birth As the country welcomed its latest royal baby this week, mothers across the country may have been taken back to that moment in their life when they too left the hospital carrying their baby together with all those … Continue reading

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Menopause Support

Bad Sleep? At a Menopause Society conference many years ago, I heard a talk given by a nurse who recommended that women with PMS should add magnesium to their diet in the form of supplements. She also mentioned that the … Continue reading

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