Until a safe and effective CoViD19 vaccine has been developed, identifying antiviral medications that help patients would be a great tool for medical teams. We have become familiar with names such as Remdesivir and Hydroxychloroquine from mentions in the news. However, I was quite surprised to hear about HRT being touted as a drug that could boost immunity.

It is already well known that women live on average around 6 years longer than men and the latter tend to suffer more from chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Both SARS and MERS affected more men than women, so surely it must come as no surprise that the same would apply to CoViD19, especially as women tend to wash their hands more regularly.

The immune system is complex, however, based upon animal studies, being female has identified certain advantages including:

1. Located on the X chromosome, the Toll Like Receptor 7 (TLR7) can identify viruses in the body. As women have 2 chromosomes, the inference is that they have double the number of these TLR7 proteins than men, thus double the number of alarm and response signals.

2. Mice studies have shown that females produce more neutralising antibodies.

3. Oestrogen also plays a part in our body’s immune system by stimulating the production of interferons. Here again, animal studies in 2017 have shown that more mice with their ovaries removed died after infection with SARS CoViD than those that had been left with their ovaries.

So, one part of the answer may lie with oestrogen, hence the theories:

  • Oestrogen helps women’s bodies.
  • Oestrogen is good against viruses.

Suddenly, we now appear to have HRT protagonists extrapolating:

  • HRT is oestrogen.
  • Therefore, HRT oestrogen is good.
  • By taking HRT, you are going to be protected from getting viruses.
  • So here is another good reason to take HRT.

This without even pausing to consider the effects of trying to highlight HRT as an answer to CoViD19 has on the following groups of people:

  1. I am in my mid-twenties. I do not need HRT and I certainly do not want any contraceptives.
    I am going to be more likely to die from CoViD19
  2. I am a man. I do not have a lot of oestrogen. I cannot take HRT.
    I am going to be more likely to die from CoViD19, just like the newspapers say
  3. I have / had oestrogen positive breast cancer. I cannot take any form of HRT.
    I am going to be more likely to die from CoViD19.
  4. I am menopausal but do not believe that HRT is safe/ do not want to take drugs / believe menopause is a natural process.
    I am going to be more likely to die from CoViD19
  5. Various voices: I am on HRT and I still got CoViD19,  
    I think this theory about HRT is rubbish.

    Up pop the usual suspects Edna, Sharon, Karen and various social media Bots:

    “Oh you must be on the old HRT, that one does not help with CoViD19. Please see this link to Dr MadeALotofBucks who explains this in their latest video.
    Oh and by the way to the lady who’s had breast cancer, Dr MadeALotofBucks also has a video and has written this article to say you can take HRT even if you’ve had cancer because the new body identical forms are safe”.


I do not expect either Edna, Sharon or Karen to change their minds, but I do question the motive and need to spend a lot of money as well as kill more animals to study the effects of HRT on CoViD19, when this is potentially only going to only be of benefit to a small percentage of the population.

Do you even think you will obtain any meaningful human data before we have a vaccine which will be suitable for everyone?

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