It was interesting to hear Rutger Bregman this morning speaking about his new book “Humankind, A Hopeful History”. He believes that when the going gets tough, human nature tends to bring out the best in people.

I am sure that participants on Bear Grill’s “The Island” have been chosen because of their particular traits which will cause friction which will make for “viewer entertainment”. After all, who wants to watch people sitting on an idyllic beach co-operating and achieving game milestones like in “Virtual Villagers”?

Mr Bregman’s talk did get me wondering: how does this relate to what I have seen since the lockdown in March?


  1. All the social media organisers who have set up community groups that allow people to either volunteer to help those in their community or ask for help with items or jobs that need doing such as collecting prescription for those who have been advised to isolate due to pre-existing health conditions.
  2. Individual and companies who have been making PPE kit for our amazing NHS staff.
  3. Those who are doing events to raised funds for the NHS and in particular Captain Tom who has raised over £30m.
  4. Our Queen who has made several addresses to the nation over recent weeks at a time when we all needed a calming voice.
  5. Our NHS staff who have battled against CoViD19 despite the barriers they have faced.
  6. All our civil forces who are continuing to work despite the increased risk that they are facing; from police officers to the council crews that have not missed a single bin collection day.


  1. If you have made a mistake, act like an adult and admit it! Trying to bluff your way out of it in a public forum is not advised.
  2. Does writing a self-published book make you a health expert? Would you trust a someone who calls themselves a therapist after doing a 25 hour online course?
  3. Please do not call yourself a “doctor” without having enrolled and graduated from a recognised University. This will normally have taken at least 3 years full time and involved many hours reading past papers culminating in a thesis which is normally followed by a viva.
  4. A local man riding home on his bicycle from his shift at the local hospital was physically attacked by a group who had deemed that he/she is not an “essential worker”.  Stop shouting at drivers because you think they are on a “non-essential” journey.
  5. Devising CoViD19 help related emails as a means of scamming businesses and individuals.
  6. Deliberately coughing upon / spitting at people and saying that you have CoViD19.

Many of us have discovered a newfound peace in our enforced lockdowns. I see more families out walking with their children, people have discovered the value of community spirit and are taking care of neighbours. We have found time to grow plants and vegetables, read books and hear birds sing in the garden.

However, do look out for those in need such as people who have lost their financial security or are worried about their business folding.

Early last month, Refuge reported a 700% increase in daily calls; If you have concerns about anyone’s security, please contact the authorities.

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