Menopause Symptoms

Mood Swings

Whilst hot flushes and sweats are the 2 things that get mentioned the most when the subject of menopause symptoms comes up, mood swings can be equally devastating, because they are not only detrimental to those who suffer, but to those around them.

I Know Mood Swings Have Affected Me

Women may notice that they were no longer the happy go lucky person they once were and this itself can make things worse for them.

Mood Swings – Me? I Don’t Think so!

At the other extreme, I’m sure that we can all think of someone we know who had steadfastly refused to acknowledge any changes in their behaviour: “oh there’s nothing wrong with me, I’m fine, REALLY FINE!”  If you know someone like that, it’s easy to lose the nerve to speak to them frankly and avoid a situation which has the potential to escalate into a full-blown row.

We’ve all noticed someone who has become less fun to be around: they can be short tempered, less tolerant and sadly, some start to reach for the bottle, a habit which can escalate.  I’ve known people who go to the extent of vodka in water bottles taken to work and don’t even consider the fact that they might be still over the limit when they drive to work in the morning.

So What Can I Do About My Mood Swings?

There are various things you can try and see if they can help you, as I know they have done with others.  We will talk more about all of this in our detailed section.

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